Coconut Husk Processing Machine

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Coconut Husk Processing Machine

Coconut husk processing machine is mainly to process coconut husk, oil palm,bamboo etc. The output fiber can be used for making mattress,brush etc. The peat used as fertilizer.
The whole line: Coconut husk defibering machine(extract fiber and peat)--Screen(separate the fiber and peat)--Coconut fiber baling machine--Wash coconut peat and dewater--Coconut peat drying machine--Coconut peat block making machine
Defibering machine
The Fiber Extracting Machine is mainly used for loosing and rubbing, kneading the hard facial fiber of oil palm, palm, coconut shells etc.
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
JPD-I 37 300 1800 1800×1200×1600
JPD-II 45 400 2100 2000×1500×1600
JPD-III 55 500 2500 2200×1700×1700
JPD-XI 75 600-700 3100 2500×2000×1900
JPD-XII 95 800-900 3500 2700×2100×1900
JPD-XY 110 1200-1500 4200 3100×2200×2000
JZD-I 37+55 500 3400 3410×2300×1720
JZD-II 55+75 600-700 4100 4800×2250×1800
JZD-III 75+95 900-1000 4800 5750×2400×1900
JZD-XI 95+110 1500-1800 5100 6100×2600×2100

Coconut fiber baling machine
Coir Fiber Baling Machine is a must-have piece of baling equipment for natural fiber exporters / dealers, synthetic fiber recyclers. Because they can make dense bales to save more on storage space and transportation cost.
Coir Fiber Baling Machine is designed with large press force which is from 80 tons to 200 tons. This baler is built with high strength and oriented to facilities that handle recyclable wastes of high fibrous, high rebounding force, or high hardness. It is also a good baling solution for handling normal soft material when there is a demand of high bale density to optimize container loading.
Coconut peat block making machine:
Coco peat (coir peat,coir pith) block making machine is a new type of compressed into block type packer, is dealing with some special materials such as: sawdust,rice husk ,choice of peanut shells,coco peat(coir peat,coir pith) etc. These materials are very small and loose, there's no way to bundle package, it is difficult to compress and transport, so one solution is to use horizontal packing machine and bagging machine packaging and packaging another solution is to use block making machine to compress the material into a lump, convenient transportation.

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