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Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture visited Guoxin to purchase drying equipment product


In order to show customers all the necessary equipment for the production line related to drying equipment, our foreign trade manager accompanied the guests to visit our equipment exhibition hall and drying laboratory. After the actual observation and the explanation of our foreign trade manager, the customer wants to purchase. A comprehensive understanding of the equipment and our corporate strength.

The supporting equipment for the drying production line purchased by each country is different. In order to meet the needs of each customer, many of our foreign trade managers have gone into battle at the same time, and each customer has been introduced in detail.

After that, we showed the customer's drying case video to the customer, and explained the performance, price, technical parameters and working principle of the device in the form of video explanation. With the above actual observation and explanation, The customer has a comprehensive understanding of the whole production line related to the purchase of drying equipment, and signed a procurement contract. At the same time, detailed communication and negotiation of transportation and delivery details were carried out, which promoted the transaction form.