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Pakistan customer visited our factory to check date drying machine


The customers ordered the date palm nuclear machine, double 12P air drying room from our factory and tested during time visit , all parameters are in line with customer ordering requirements, complete the stocking, and then notified the customer to the factory inspection.

The customer came to the company to inspect the machines, one is to look at the quality of the product, the second is to examine the overall strength of the company.

We warmly welcome customers visit our customers and took the customer to the finished product hall for inspection. The customer conducted a detailed inspection of the air drying room and the date palm de-core machine and tested them one by one. The technicians carefully answered the questions raised by the customer.

After the company's strength and product inspection, both party held a friendly negotiation. The customers indicated that our products meet their requirements and passed the acceptance. The customer came to promote the friendly cooperation and exchanges between the two parties, deepen the friendship and common development. Make progress together.

After the palm dated nuclear drying equipment passed the customer acceptance, the relevant departments immediately arranged the delivery work for the customer, and the equipment will soon arrive at the Pakistan customer's work site. Due to the recognition of our products and services, the customers are also very interested in the drying of upstream and downstream products introduced by the staff, indicating that there will be more in-depth cooperation in the next stage.