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Coconut peat block making machine
  • Coconut peat block making machine

Coconut peat block making machine

  • Model:GX-150-22
  • Pressure(kn):1500
  • Capacity(bags/h):100
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The block making machine is mainly used for forming of coconut peat.The shaped coco peat is easy to transport. The finished product is used for culture and planting and is a good fertilizer.

The Coconut peat block making machine working principle:

This baler is a special equipment that extrudes biomass raw materials into blocks. Built-in three compression cylinders (filler cylinder, compression cylinder, discharge cylinder), the machine can control the weight of the feed by automatically controlling the volume of the feed. The silo can be divided into two parts: the discharge bin and the compression bin. The discharge bin can be connected to a larger discharge bin, or directly connected to the conveyor belt and the conveyor equipment of the auger. The blanking volume of the compression bin can be adjusted by the compression cylinder. The position of the travel switch to adjust the size of the compression chamber.

Feature of Coconut peat block making machine:

This baler is compact and reasonable, and its operation is reliable. The hydraulic system adopts advanced multi-way reversing valve (or distributor), which has overflow and prevents system overload, and has sensitive action and fast briquetting speed.

The structure of this baler is scientific and reasonable, the configuration is complete and appearance is beautiful, the energy consumption is low, the floor space is small, the economy is practical, the maintenance is convenient, and the technical level of the operator is not high.

Model Pressure(kn) Capacity(bags/h) Baler size(mm) Baler
Outline size(mm) Power(kw)
GX-150-22 1500 100 300*300*150mm 5 6000*1500*2200 22
GX-150-30 1500 150 300*300*150mm 5 6000*1500*2200 30
GX-150-37 1500 200 300*300*150mm 5 6000*1500*2200 37
Coconut chaff moisture<13%

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