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Garlic slice dryer machine
  • Garlic slice dryer machine

Garlic slice dryer

  • Drying medium:Hot air
  • heat source:Electricity,gas,diesel,biomass,propane,steam etc.
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Due to different varieties of garlic, the dormancy period ranges from 25 to 80 days. Once the dormancy is over, the garlic core begins to grow buds when the temperature and humidity are suitable, which affects the quality of garlic. Therefore, processing garlic into garlic pieces in time for drying and dehydration is an effective method for preserving and storing garlic.

The mesh belt type garlic slice dryer adopts multi-layer mesh belt structure, the material contact part is all stainless steel material, the drying process is hygienic and environmentally friendly, automatic temperature control, automatic paving, continuous production.

We can design a variety of specifications of dehydrated garlic production line, according to different investments to meet different processing needs. Through garlic peeling pretreatment, garlic slice dryer produces high quality dehydrated garlic slices, and the produced dehydrated garlic slices can be further processed into garlic powder or food original and auxiliary materials.

Fuel:Gas,diesel,electricity,biomass,coal etc.

Features of Garlic slice dryer machine:

  • 1. Automatically cycle multiple times and dry uniformly;
  • 2. Short drying cycle, environmental protection and energy saving;
  • 3, It can effectively shorten the drying time and reduce the processing cost of garlic;
  • 4, Pure hot air drying to ensure the production of green food.
Model(Width*Length) GX1.5-6-4 GX2-8-4 GX2-9-4 GX2-10-4 GX2-12-4
Layers 4
Drying area(㎡) 29 45 51 57 69
Spread thickness of material(mm) 50-200
Working temperature(℃) 0-120
Drying time(hour) 0.1-5
heat exchange furnace(M) 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Induced draft fan(kw) 11 15 15 22 22
Exhaust fan(kw) 1.5 2.2
Feeding conveyor(kw)     1.5             2.2     2.2     2.2      3
Discharge conveyor(kw) 0.55
Total power(kw) 14.55 19.25 19.95 26.95 27.75
LP gas consumption (90 degree fanrenheit) 20m³/H 25m³/H 28m³/H 30m³/H 36m³/h
Electricity consumption 25kwh 30kwh 35kwh 40kwh 45kwh
Place requirement (W*L*H)M 4.5*14*2.7 5*19*2.8 4.5*20*2.8 5.5*21*2.8 5.5*23*2.8

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