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Ginger drying machine
  • Ginger drying machine

Ginger drying machine

  • Model:HGJ-12
  • Total power of fan(kw)30
  • Total power of machine(kw)35.5
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The ginger drying line is one of the main production lines of our factory. The entire production line includes: ginger cleaning peeling machine, bubble washing machine, air drying line, slicer, dryer machine, grinding machine, packaging machine etc. The entire production line can be designed according to different customer requirements.

Drying ginger uses continuous mesh belt drying equipment. The whole set consists of feeding conveyor, dryer host, heat exchange furnace, induced draft fan, smoking fan, control system and so on. It can realize fully automatic working and saving labors.

Ginger drying machine advantage:

  • 1. The temperature and speed of the drying equipment can be controlled. The customer can set the drying temperature according to the requirements of different materials. The temperature can be controlled at 0-120 degrees Celsius.
  • 2. Saving labor, the whole set of equipment only needs 1-2 workers.
  • 3. Fully automatic continuous feeding and discharging to meet large-scale production needs. the continuous mesh belt drying equipment can process 30 tons of fresh ginger every day.
  • 4. The drying equipment not only according to heat to dry, but also relies on strong wind. The air volume can reach 40000-50000m3 per hour, which improves the drying efficiency and shortens the drying time.
  • 5. Material can meet food grade requirements after drying. The heat source uses a heat exchange device, the heat source and the material are not in direct contact, and the clean hot air enters the interior of the dryer to meet food grade requirements.

How does the ginger dryer work?

The material are transported by the feeding conveyor to the inside of the dryer. The material passes from the first layer to the last layer via the conveyor belt, and the dried material is conveyed by the discharge conveyor. The hemp drying machine is using hot air as the drying medium. The hot air passes through the material from the bottom to top. The final moisture comes out of the top of the hemp dryer. The drying machine not only rely on heat to dry, but also through the strong air.So it can increase the drying efficiency and reduce the drying time.

Model(Width*Length) GX1.5-6-4 GX2-8-4 GX2-9-4 GX2-10-4 GX2-12-4
Layers 4
Drying area(㎡) 29 45 51 57 69
Spread thickness of material(mm) 50-200
Working temperature(℃) 0-120
Drying time(hour) 0.1-5
heat exchange furnace(M) 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Induced draft fan(kw) 11 15 15 22 22
Exhaust fan(kw) 1.5 2.2
Feeding conveyor(kw)     1.5             2.2     2.2     2.2      3
Discharge conveyor(kw) 0.55
Total power(kw) 14.55 19.25 19.95 26.95 27.75
LP gas consumption (90 degree fanrenheit) 20m³/H 25m³/H 28m³/H 30m³/H 36m³/h
Electricity consumption 25kwh 30kwh 35kwh 40kwh 45kwh
Place requirement (W*L*H)M 4.5*14*2.7 5*19*2.8 4.5*20*2.8 5.5*21*2.8 5.5*23*2.8

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