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Meat drying machine

  • Power supply:220V/380V, 50/60HZ,single/three phase
  • Trolley Type:SS304/galvanizationtype
  • Tray Material:pp polypropylene/304 stainless steel
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Industrial meat dehydrator and dryer is a box - type heat pump drying equipment, there are trolleys and trays inside, equipped with heat pump and electricity for drying. Use small amount of electrical energy, drive the compressor to absorb external heat, convert heat into hot air circulation drying beef, to achieve the purpose of uniform drying beef.

Meat heat pump drying system includes a heat pump main unit,a drying room, a circulating fan in the drying room, aduct and a uniform wind plate, a material rack, and tray.

The sliced meat or beef will be hung in the heat pump drying room or put them into the trays ,choose the intelligent air drying mode.
Note: the meat should not drip, should be hung straight,or put on the tiled on the trays, do not adhere to each other, and keep a little distance between the strips to facilitate ventilation and ventilation, dry uniform.
Generally in the temperature of 40℃, about 60% of the indoor environment, 36-48 hours can be dry a batch,depend on the slice thickness.
It can be seen that the beef color is dark red, and the hand feels dry and slightly hard.

The advantages of industrial meat dehydrator and dryer:

1.Hot air drying meat evenly, humidity can be automatically controlled.

2.Low energy consumption in drying process can effectively reduce operating cost.

3.Convenient for storage, carrying and eating.

4.Long service life, low maintenance cost.

5.Wide range, not affected by the climate.

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Model GX-3P GX-5P GX-8P GX-15P
Heat Pump Size(L*W*H)mm 1800*1000*1070 1800*1000*1070 1800*1000*1300 2150*1260*1620
Drying Room Size(L*W*H)mm 3300*2000*2200 3300*2000*2200 5600*2200*2700 8000*3000*2850
Rated Heating Capacity (kw) 10.75 12.25 23.2 49.65
Host Power(kw) 3.5 3.75 7.5 15.2
Electric heating power(kw) 6 6 6 18
Circulating fan power(kw) 8 x 0.25 8 x 0.25 12 x 0.25 12 x 0.75
Returning Fan power(kw) / / 3 x 0.25 3 x 0.75
Humidity exhausting fan(kw) 1 x 0.25 1 x 0.25 1 x 0.25 2 x 0.25
Trolley Qty 4 4 6 15
Trolley size(mm) 810*860*1830 810*860*1750 880*1200*1750 880*1200*1750
Tray Qty 96 96 144 360
Tray Size(mm) 430*730 430*730 600*800 600*800
Tray Material PP Polypropylene/Stainless Steel

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