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Microwave drying machine
  • Microwave drying machine
  • Microwave drying machine
  • Microwave drying machine
  • Microwave drying machine

Microwave drying machine

    Microwave drying sterilization equipment is a new type of high-efficiency drying equipment, using microwave equipment to dry materials, can be a multi-purpose machine, can be dried, can sterilization, also can fixation
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Application Of microwave drying machine:

Pasta classes :non-fried fast noodles,fine dried noodles ,stewed noodles

Dates :dried dates,date paste,slice dates

Dehydrated Vegetables :all kinds of vegetables

Meat :Beef ,pork ,chicken ,fish ,duck

Condiment :sauce ,dosing etc

Flowers :Rose ,honeysuckle ,chrysanthemum,peony

Grain and nuts:Filbert ,Chinese chestnut ,peanut ,nut,almond ,pine nut ,pistachio nut ,melon seeds,grain

Bean products :bean ,mung bean ,tofu ,dried tofu.

Worm:black soldier puffing

The features of Microwave drying machine:

1. according to the processing of products tailored.stable and reliable opreation of equipment.
2. the whole food grade stainless steel,microwave system,the core component of independent research and development or the use of the industry’s highest standars.
3. the unique field strength design,heating uniform and efficient.
4. PLC man-machine interface or button control,temperature control humidity control,highly automated,user-friendly
5. equipment power:6-250KW adjustable.

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Model Rated power Microwave output power Dehydration rate(h) Working frequency Specification(mm)
≥20kw 16-20kg 2450±50MHz 8640*1200*2200
≥30kw 24-30kg  11000*1200*2200
≥40kw 32-35kg  11000*1500*2200
≥50kw 35-42kg 12100*1500*2200 
GX-60HMV ≤60kw ≥60kw 40-50kg 12500*1600*2200 
We support customized 20-250kw microwave drying machine

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