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Waste Air Sorting Machine

Waste Air Sorting Machine Guoxin air sorting machine is a large waste sorting facility for wastes centralized processing, it is an important step for wastes treatment.
Sorting machine power: 59kw
Sorting machine capacity: 100 t/h
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Waste Air Sorting Machine Introduction

The air sorting machine uses aerodynamic principles, under the combined effect of positive pressure and negative pressure, the separation of light material plastic, paper, etc. The light material is output through the light material discharge conveyor, and the heavy material is output through the heavy material discharge conveyor. Adjustable air volume, wind pressure adjustment.
Waste Air Sorting Machine

Air Separator Usage in Waste Sorting Line

Guoxin air sorting machine is a large waste sorting facility for waste sorting processing. For the most of time, it is an important step for wastes treatment. 
After the garbage separation machine, we use a waste air sorting machine to make more accurate separation:
☞ The system uses the force of gravity combined with the wind to sort the waste
☞ The injection pressure and air volume of the blower are adjustable, and depending on the purpose of separation, the sorting efficiency and purity can be optimized to separate glass bottles, plastics, cans, film, and paper.
☞ The cyclone separation process can absorb and contend with the polluted air, improve the working environment, reduce air pollution.
☞ The air separator is installed in front of the MRF(waste recycling plant) or MBT(biomechanical treatment) automatic sorter to sort film, paper,  and dust to achieve the efficiency and purity of the automatic sorter

Air Sorting Machine Advantages:

1. Separate materials with various gravity air volumes to effectively separate heavy waste (glass);
2. Improve the working environment through wind dust removal and air circulation;
3. Good cyclone system can effectively screen plastic film, paper and dust.
Air Sorting Machine Advantages

Waste Air Sorting Machine Separation Effect:

After the ventilation system, the heavy material and light material can be separated.
• Heavy matter: refers to heavy, large matter, such as copper, iron and other metals and stones, glass, ceramics, lumps of wood,  and other non-metals;
• Light-matter: refers to light, a small matter, such as film, waste paper,  and other light non-metallic miscellaneous materials;
• Garbage, wood, stone, glass, plastic,  and other light materials;
• Construction and decoration waste;
• Stale domestic garbage.

Parameters of Two-stage Air Sorting System

Model Capacity
The Details  of Power
GX-A600 20 26.7 7.5+5.5+5.5+3+3+2.2
GX-A800 40 37 11+7.5+7.5+4+4+3
GX-A1000 60 44 15+7.5+7.5++5.5+5.5+3
GX-A1200 80 55.5 18.5+11+11+5.5+5.5+4
GX-A1400 100 59 22+11+11+5.5+5.5+4
GX-A1600 120 79 30+15+15+7.5+7.5+4

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