Garbage Separation Machine

Introduce to Garbage Separation Machine

Guoxin newly-designed garbage separation machine for sale is very necessary for those who want to invest in garbage sorting and recycling. As people focus more on resources, environment, and sustainable development, they’ve concerned more about waste recycling, thus garbage sorting has become a very potential and profitable industry.
Garbage separation Machine

Guoxin Newest Garbage Separation System 2023

Guoxin garbage segregation machine also called garbage sorting machine, which can separate various garbage like urban waste, construction waste, industrial wastes as well as mining waste. We have learned from the advanced waste sorting technology of developed countries and combined our own designs together with the technology to create our own waste sorting machine with high-cost performance. Now this plant has gained a good reputation and sold well in Europe, Southeastern Asia, South Africa and Australia, etc. At present, Guoxin has different types of the plant for sale according to different capacities for our clients to choose from.
Different Capacity Garbage Sorting Process-3D Model Demonstration

Features of Guoxin Garbage Sorting Machine

Humanized Design
● We adopt automatic operation to reduce labor cost and avoid the mistake; (about segregation of garbage and its advantages)
● We configure a deodorization system to make sure a pleasant operation environment;
● Manual auto switcher and emergency stop device are equipped in case the emergency happens;
● No noise during the whole process of working.
Considerate Configuration
● We can change configurations of the garbage separation machine according to the actual needs of our clients. We can add blades in the rotating screening machine to break bags and add sealed conveyor for clients who want to separate mining waste to avoid fly ash and dust.
Good Performance & High Quality
● Our garbage separation system can sort as much as 400-ton waste for a whole production line and the working process is smoothing;
● Each part of the system is produced in a quite strict production line to make sure high quality and strong durability.

Main Machine Display Diagram of Affordable Garbage Sorting Line

Reasonable Garbage Sorting Plant Cost

We aim to provide affordable garbage sorting machines for every customer. From designing to manufacturing, promoting, and selling, we focus on maximizing our own costs to make sure the customers get the most reasonable cost and competitive price on the market.
If you want to purchase the garbage disposal system, you may consider the labor cost, which might be a huge expense except for the electricity, space cost, and source of garbage. But Guoxin garbage sorting system is an automatic waste segregation machine. You only need to hire 3-5 people in total to do the jobs of initial sorting and the control center monitoring. Besides, we have a professional team of sales specialists and they will give you a detailed budget sheet if you buy our machine.

Garbage Management System Parameters

Model GX-50 GX-100 GX-200 GX-300 GX-500
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste,construction and decorative waste,etc
Capacity 50T/D 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 500T/D
Power 84KW 101.4KW 134.4KW 164.7KW 222KW
Equipment Area 1000㎡ 1200㎡ 1300㎡ 1500㎡ 1800㎡
Working time 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours
1,Box Feeding machine/Chain feeder
2,Bag breaker
3,Trommel screen
4,Air separation machine
5,2 sets manual sorting table(1 set for light materials,1 set for heavy materials)
6,Hydraulic baling machine
7,RDF machines line

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