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Automatic energy-saving heat pump dryer, Guoxin mushroom drying equipment


The use of Guoxin drying equipment drying mushrooms can not only retain its fragrance shape, but also can be stored for a long time, as an old brand of agricultural products drying enterprises, Guoxin dryer manufacturers have a wealth of experience and excellent equipment.

The whole process of drying:
1. Preliminary drying stage
2. Heating and dehumidification stage
3. Drying stage of strong moisture discharge
4. High temperature drying stage
5. Natural regurgitation stage

mushroom dryer

This dryer is applicable to more than 95% of the fungus mushroom drying processing, such as porcini, bamboo-sun, tricholoma matsutake, ganoderma lucidum, hericium, black and white fungus, JiGu, apricot bao mushroom, tea tree mushroom, red mushroom, black mushroom, needle mushroom, chicken leg mushroom, slider mushrooms, mushrooms, etc, all can use heat pump dryers dried processing, in order to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, green, the purpose of quick, intelligent high quality processing fungus mushroom.